Applicational Flow Cytometry Education

Applicational Flow Cytometry Education

Flow cytometry unit was first established in Immunology Department of DETAE, Istanbul University in 1989 and lots of studies were converted with the system. Accumulated knowledge of flow cytometry is being transferred to the participants in “Applicational Flow Cytometry Courses”, which are held annually from 1995. 19th course was held in 2013 and participants are from all round Turkey. The courses organised by department of Immunology are preliminary for new users and provide great knowledge exchange for experienced users and also supports a good atmosphere for new colloborations for projects. Interactive courses blending theoretical and practical studies are held in June of each year.

“XVII. Applicational Flow Cytometry Course” was held by Istanbul University, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Dept. Of Immunology in the dates 20-24 June 2011. Applicants from Ankara, Konya, Izmir, Istanbul, Edirne, Bursa and Kocaeli had theoretical courses in the mornings, and flow cytometry workshops in the afternoons. The course was held according to interactive education principles in order to cooperate with participants and following two presentations, a workshop study was held.

The course lasted for 5 days and all theoretical and applicational presentations were collected in a CD and distributed to the participants. The CD included all presenters and participants e-mail adresses and also the detailed methodology.

“Applicational flow cytometry course” dates can be found in our website and contact person is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gaye ERTEN.

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