Dept. of Laboratory Animals Science Diagnostic Facilities

Note: Researchers are supposed to have permission from I.U. Ethical Committee if they demand animals from our laboratories. Demands from ohter universities will be considered if there is surpulus of production. Demands from other cities than Istanbul will be satisfied if the transport cages are send back and all the freight payments are made by the researcher.

The aim of our department is tor ise the quality standards of laboratory animal production by producing animals suitable for research, at enough numbers to satisfy the demands, high quality and healthy. The purpose is to develop new methods in experimental researches and introduce them to researcers use.

Routine facilities: Production, purification and keeping rabbit, rat, guinea pig and mouse strains.

Strains exists at our production and purification laboratories

Wistar Albino rats: ““HsdOla:WI” Wistal Albino rats have a good production performance and moderate growing rate and they are mainly used in teratologic, nutritional, toxicological, aging, oncological and general purposed experiments.

Wistar Hannover rats: “HsdRccHan:WIST ” Besides that they are used for general purposes they are also used in oncological, teratologic, pharmacological,  nutritional and aging experiments. This strain is especially used in opthalmological researches for their cataract pathogenesis is very similar to humans.

Sprague Dawley rats: “Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD ”  becouse of their production performance is high and they have many maternal advantages, they are widely produced. ” Besides that they are used for general purposes they are also used in toxicological,oncological, teratological, nutritional and aging experiments.

C57BL/6J mice: “C57BL/6JOlaHsd” They are preferred in many experiments because they give rise to many genetical and induced animal models. Besides that they are used for general purposes they are also used in toxicological, aging, coronary and heart diseases, superovulation, immunological and alcohol and morphine addiction experiments for their high tolerance.

BALB/c mice: “BALB/cOlaHsd” BALB/c mice are produced widely becouse of their high production performance and they are known to be resistant to allergic encephalomyelitis. They are used in Heart-vein diseases, production of monoclonal antibodies, toxicological, pharmacological, oncological, teratological and aging experiments and also for general purposes.

 Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs: “HsdPoc:DH” Dunkin Hartley are used mainly in immunological, pharmacologic, biochemical and nutritional experiments.  The are also used in hearing deficiency and vitamin deficiency researches.

New Zealand rabbits: “HsdIf:NZW” New Zealand Rabbits are produced widely for their convenience to general purposes and also they are used in atherosclerosis, teratologic and ophtalmological researces and antibody production.


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