Department of Laboratory Animals Science

The Department of Laboratory Animals Science has been established in 1994 as one of the five departments in Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine. The Laboratory Animal Facility of The Department was certificated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs in 2008 by fulfilling the requirements mentioned in the directory of “Laboratory Animal Facilities and Testing Laboratories Establishment, Procedures, Control Issues”. After being certified, the department has become the first and only authorized centre for animal supply, use and breeding in Istanbul University and the infrastructure of animal facility was improved by the support of The Research Fund of Istanbul University. The technical equipments for housing, breeding and post-operative care of genetically and microbiologically defined animals and animal disease models are funded. Experimental Animal Biology and Biomedical Application Techniques Department also continues its academic activities by organizing courses for “The Use of Laboratory Animals” and giving post-graduate education programs.

The mission of the department is to achieve international standards of laboratory animal housing, care and breeding of animals and provide service to research institutes with experienced academic and personnel staff.


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