Genetics Department

The Department of Genetics was established in 1992. The main activities of the Department are conducting research and graduate education programs in molecular genetics and performing diagnostic service support. The main research topics are focused on genetic aetiology, epidemiology and association of leukemic, congenital and acquired heart diseases, common neurological disorders.

The facilities of the department are pre- and post- PCR labs, bacterial and eukaryotic cell culture labs complemented with a whole genome sequencing unit. The main departmental strategy is to use systems biology approach in solving complex biological problems. Different starting materials (DNA, RNA, miRNA) are procured during the experiments by the three workgroups. Other than the research and educational activities one very important activity is to provide molecular diagnostic support to clinics allocated in the university. Most of the tests used are standardized according to the international quality networks.

Activities in the department may be summarized under these topics:

  •   Coordination of the Medical Genetics Program of the Istanbul University,
  • Running national and internationally funded research projects,
  • Running projects funded by the university research fund,
  • Providing molecular genetics diagnostics.


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