Biohealth Computing Program

Overview of the Program

Biohealth Computing Program (BHC) is a multidisciplinary Master of Science program that is organized by Istanbul University Institute of Experimental Medical Research Genetics Department. This program is the equivalence of the multidisciplinary Erasmus Mundus Master’s program offered at Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble (French), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), Universita degli study di Torino (Italy), Universiteit Maastricht (Holland) and Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară de Cluj-Napoca (Romania) universities.

Admission Requirements

Students who meet the conditions described in Istanbul University’s Graduate Education Legislation and who fulfill the following Erasmus Mundus acceptance conditions are eligible to apply to IU BHC program.

Direct acceptance: Students who have graduated from Medicine, Biology, Dentistry, Veterinary, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Engineering (Computer, Electronics, Biomedical, Chemistry, Food, Environmental, Industrial) or Mathematics undergraduate programs will be directly accepted to the program. The students will be able to choose classes in accordance with their undergraduate degrees.

Acceptance of students holding undergraduate degrees other than the programs mentioned above will be decided by the Program’s Coordination Council.

The Objectives and Aims of the Diploma Program:

Objectives: The program aims to provide an interactive platform, where the students will be able to conduct research in close association with Public Universities, University Hospitals, Bioindustry Parks and Private Companies, in addition to exchange of information and to create and develop projects with peers and principal investigators from varying cultural and educational backgrounds. Thus, students graduating from this program will gain the skills to collaborate and create projects that may yield to industrial products, as well as to speed up the progress of translational research from bench to bedside.

Aims: In compliance with the aim of this program, the graduates will be equipped with the skills to compete in health technologies, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries at an international level. Apart from job opportunities at universities, research centers; biotechnology, bioengineering and health sectors, and national and international companies as a Biohealth Computing Specialist, the graduates of this program can also continue for a PhD degree in Genetics, Biotechnology or Bioinformatics tracks.

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