Dept. of Immunology Courses


The department specially emphasizes the teaching of flow cytometry, radioimmunoassay, indirect immunfluorescence, cell culture and sorting. Flow cytometry is a commonly used technique in the department, being utilized by both graduate students and academic staff alike. It’s also an essential part of our diagnostic laboratory. The main uses of flow cytometry are immunophenotyping of leucocytes, detection of anti-platelet antibodies in immunomediated thrombocytopenia, neutrophil functions (phagocytosis, oxidative burst and chemotaxis) and cell proliferation assays.


Since 1995, the department has been running flow cytometry courses for postgraduate students and members of various universities. These courses address the importance of flow cytometry in modern cell biology. An advanced English flow cytometry meeting was also held in 2007 in collaboration with the Miami University, USA.

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