Department of Immunology


Science of immunology is developing rapidly with the help of developing Technologies and techniques in recent years. The immune system, main research area of immunology has a vital importance in all living organisms.

The immune system has the capacity to recognise and elimine non-self antigens with the help of versatile operation and balance between its innate and adaptive branches. In our country, research of basic immunology both in health and biology sciences has great importance. Science of Immunology converts studies in various areas like allergic diseases, infectious diseases (AIDS, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases), new vaccines, initiation of cancer, primary and secondary immune deficiencies and their therapy, development and therapy of autoimmune and rheumatologic disorders, solid organ and bone marrow transplantation.

The first Immunology department of Turkey was founded in Istanbul University, Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine. Department has flow cytometry, cell and tissue culture, immunofluorescent, Elisa and cell sorting units, which are utilized for studies like allergy, transplantation immunology, tuberculosis immunology and also for collaborations with other departments for neuroimmunology and tumor immunology research. The mentioned units are used both for Project-based research and routine works. Flow cytometry unit was first established in Immunology Department of IEM, Istanbul University in 1989 and lots of studies were converted with the system. Accumulated knowledge of flow cytometry is being transferred to the participants in “Applicational Flow Cytometry Courses”, which are held annually from 1995. 23th course was held in 2017 and participants are from all round Turkey. The courses organised by department of Immunology are preliminary for new users and provide great knowledge exchange for experienced users and also supports a good atmosphere for new colloborations for projects. Interactive courses blending theoretical and practical studies are held in June of each year.

Department of Immunology converts MSc and PhD education together with Istanbul University, Institute for Health Sciences.

Department of Immunology continues educational activities together with routine and project-based research studies and by following rapidly developing science of immunology, department contributes development of immunology science in Turkey.


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