Department of Neuroscience

The Department of Neuroscience established in 1988 was the first neuroscience department in the country According to the development of basic and educational facilities of the department, neuroscience master and doctoral programs began in 1997. The initial master program was improved in 2007 with a new structure build by cooperation of more than 40 multidisciplinary academicians from various departments of Istanbul University. In addition, major development was made in training activities of the department by adding new Master and doctoral programs, like Advanced Neurological master program, Electro-neurological physiology program and Advanced Neurological doctoral program.

Neuroscience Master program and Advanced Neurological doctorate programs complete each other and are multidisciplinary programs, giving students brain investigation (besides medical schools, students graduated from different departments such as biology, psychology and engineering) opportunities to get education as neuroscientists.

The aim of Advanced Neurological master programs and Electro-neurological physiology master program is to give education to specialists of neurology and psychology to improve their experience in areas of behavioural and cognitive neurology and clinic neurophysiology.

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