On 12.01.1945 Professor Muhittin ERER, the Dean of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine declared that an area in Dept. of Gynocology had been converted to research laboratories and to experimental animal breeding facility, and  “Experimental Research Institute (TAE)” name was proposed to the Rectorate of Istanbul University. This suggestion was accepted and Dr. Warner Laquer was selected on 04.10.1945 as the first director of this establishment. His duty ended on 10.11.1949 and Professor Friedrich Reimann was selected as the institute director on 08.02.1950, which was sustained till 01.03.1975. After his retirement, Prof. İlhan ULAGAY, Prof. Orhan ŞAŞMAZ, Prof. Sevim BÜYÜKDEVRİM and Assoc. Prof. Gülten ERDOĞAN governed the institute collobaratively. In 1975, Professor Sevim Büyükdevrim was elected as the director of the institute and facilitated animal breeding in the institute. On 01.05.1984, TAE was renamed as Center of Experimental Medicine (DETAM), which was linked to Rectorate of Istanbul University in 16.10.1986 and completely re-organized in 1992 and renamed as Institute of Experimental Medicine (DETAE), with the director, Prof. Sevim Büyükdevrim. Following directors were Prof. Hikmet KOYUNCUOĞLU, Prof. Özdem ANĞ, Prof. Orhan ARIOĞUL, Prof. Mehmet KAYA, Prof. Turgay İSPİR and Prof. Ugur OZBEK.  The director of the Institute is Prof. Gunnur DENIZ from 2016. In the same year, the Insitute was renamed as “Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine”. 

Institute is settled in a 7 story building with a total area of 3500 m2. Institute has 5 departments; Laboratory animals science, genetics, immunology, molecular medicine and neuroscience. Tuberculosis and molecular epidemiology, cell culture and transgenic lab and methabolism and diabetes research and application units work under the Institute.

Our mission is,  to contribute to the world of science and individual health by developing information and technology, provide research, education and advanced diagnose with institute’s multi-disciplinary infrastructure.